Aldford Street Mayfair


This was a commission that we took on with Katherine Pooley as our immediate London interior designer. She and I put together the whole project for her client: a total refurbishment of this listed building. We learnt a lot about lathe and plaster ceiling as we had to reimplement them into the building.

We also brought in mechanical electrical expertise in through our coordinator, and put in a delicate system allowing for very little of the building to be disturbed. We had a true sense of understanding of a listed building, managing to refurbish a lot of existing cornices and covings and detailed ceilings.

The existing staircase was retained and refurbished and in between the staircase was fitted the most beautiful glass lift with subcontract. This integration certainly made the project viable for the new owners – otherwise a 7 storey home would have been quite a march up and down the stairs!

The joinery was produced by ourselves from our own London workshops who specialise in all kinds of high end cabinetry, working with metals, fabrics, veneers, and anything and everything subject to the requirements set out by Katherine and her team.