Bruern Abbey Oxfordshire


This was an incredibly interesting job that was given to us by house owner Lord Glendenbrook. He had already acquired listed building consent through a very well known architect, and we took over consent and implemented a building contract that required the whole building to be refurbished including the stone roofs on rear courtyard.

This had to be in compliance with Bat survey and Bat conditions. The biggest part of the project was the communications side; it was a complete mechanical and electrical refurbishment to install a new system allowing this house to move forward into the 21st century, whilst retaining significant parts of the building.

The really fun part of the job was to take the swimming pool and instead put in a garage with a green garden above it that linked to the main house. The entire project was overseen by an interior designer and we also worked alongside Angela Collins in the garden and did a significant landscaping groundwork project with her to create the most spectacular garden.

A significant sum of money was spent both on the inside and outside to make this house the most beautiful that we have ever been involved, and today we still maintain and develop projects with the owners.