Hyde Park Gate Kensington


This was a complete refurbishment of the most exclusive house in the most exclusive square in Kensington. We undertook this alongside David Collins studio, when he was alive. With him on board there were some magnificent features and the implementation of some beautiful staircases and flooring, to the highest of standards for this client.

We used cracked plaster and specialist finishes in many of the different areas which were totally unique to David Collins himself. The bespoke bronzed doors were installed at the rear of the property into a Japanese calm garden exterior. This complemented the interior doors which were head Macassar ebony with bespoke hinges and metal detail.

We were also able for the first time to use chilled ceilings which took over from normal air conditioning and grills, and provided cooling in the summer so the client didn’t have to see what some considered to be ugly grilles.

It was a very successful development and the owner was thrilled with the use of marble which he had chosen -the whole block had to be bought to produce a circular panel at the rear of her curved bath to complement the design.